weekend wrap up

Disclaimer: It was a busy weekend. I am starting with the best picture mash-up. It is Travis after driving to Houston and back in one day, but who am I kidding, he creates art like this all the time, sometimes it is art through food, like his flare for oatmeal with what looks to be peanut butter in it. Sometimes it is a hodge podge of leftovers piled on a plate.  He is an artist with leftovers.  The clothes pin series below is Travis as an artist with grape kool-aid, clothes pins, and a salt shaker that didn’t live…

Let me first say that no ears were hurt in his creation. However after dropping the salt shaker in my wine glass of grape kool-aid(it was a 2009 blend of the finest grape flavoring and sugar substitute, don’t knock it) the salt kicked the bucket.   I had to dissolve the salt out of there and let it really dry before adding new salt.  Travis created this after me telling him that he had no artistic flare after he knocked my “lobster cage” entertainment center.  I feel the clothes pin series is a masterpiece…I especially like the last photo when the artist himself becomes a piece of art.  Well done, well done. 

Before the blessed event of the clothes pin art was Friday-Sunday.

Friday was a day of…you know, I really don’t know what I did on Friday.  I know I cooked. I know I ate….I am just really not sure what came of that day.  Saturday was Houston day.  Together Trav and I emptied out my storage unit and all my stuff is officially out of Houston.  Hip, Hip–Hoooray! On the way home we stopped in Beaumont so that Travis could check out a tattoo shop.  I strangely love tattoo shops. I didn’t walk out with another, but I really would have liked to.  However, I am done……yes, I am done….I think.

Alfie is one of my favorite movies.  One of my favorite things about the movie is the use of word graffiti or art.  Through out the movie there are these words Desire, Search, etc.  In Beaumont they have Volcanos written hugely on walls.  I assume this is the name of the club behind the blacked out door, but I love the word on the wall none the less. 

I was just snapping pictures as I drove out of the city.  I love how this one came out.  Perfecto contrast. 

Sunday was a day of setting up shop.  I am in between homes right now, as well as in between jobs, so technically I live no where. I am a nomad of South Louisiana.  My stuff, however, lives in Travis’ garage.  It is nice warm home for everything.  I did unpack a couple of boxes to make Travis’ bachelor pad a home.  I was told by my little brother it was “girly,” but hey it is a million times “homier” than before. 

Also what would a “home” be in the holidays without a Christmas tree.  So Claire and I helped her Dada out and created a Christmas tree, complete with Claire painted wrapping paper and Claire made gifts. 

….and now that I have enriched your life with stories of my weekend, I will let you go.  Merry Christmas!

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the nomad artichoke


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