getting back in the grove

I guess there comes a point in all of our lives that we feel the need to throw ourselves out the window.  Not a high window just one on the second floor where we walk away with a bit of  a bruise but manage to escape that which annoys us the most.  What happens, however, when you find yourself annoyed by someone you can’t escape from…like yourself?  I will tell you.  You go insane in the membrane.  There is only one cure for this problem.  I don’t know if you really know or can fathom the intensity of this cure though.  I don’t know if you will truly be able to process the greatness that is the only cure when  you find yourself completely annoyed by yourself.  The only cure for a down in the dumps/piss poor attitude is to put the rap from high school days as high as the apartment complex will let you(I prefer Juvenille and 504 boyz).  Take a shower, act like a bad-mama-jamma(yeah I said that) in the mirror and jump around while slinging your wet hair in a helicopter circle.  Yeah you didn’ t know I was so hard-core,  I know.  Let me just say, I am extremely hardcore.  I can rock out with the best of them.  I hide it well under my “coffee-house” music exterior and my Pillsbury mid section, but trust me I can hardcore rap with the best of them.  I can’t dance at all, but I don’t care.  I shake it, shake it like a salt shaker.  It is part of my charm. I get lost, very lost and I always find my way back home–while rapping, “Shhhh be quiet tonight is the night we ride, 30 camouflage hummers…”

Next time you find yourself lost and driving yourself nuts, have no fear.  Just rap your way home.

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the rapping artichoke


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