wish list

It is getting to that time of year. A year where some get to bundle up in scarves and coats(unlike those of us in the deep south) and drink hot cider and egg nog.  Here we are more about the egg nog frozen concoctions.  None the less, where the reason for the season is definitely the miracle birth of Jesus, it is also a time that we think of those we love the most and send them presents we picked out just for them.


I originally started this post a week ago to list all the tangible things that I wished for this Christmas.  This list has since drastically changed, since I last hit save draft about 2 weeks ago.  The past week has of course been in an uproar.  Without going into mucho detail about the sad story that is this week. I want to tell you about the new beginning that has been taking place.

I was planning on getting a new car as my old car kicked the bucket.  Then on Tuesday I learned I would no longer be “employed.”  On Wednesday I set up an interview. On Thursday I slept off allergies and food and went and saw “Twilight.” On Friday I packed up my pup and my pimento’s car and hit the road for Lafayette.  40 miles down the road I put a new tire on the car.  2 hours later I arrived, 2 hours late.  4 hours later I picked up a pimento and a grasshopper at the airport.  Sunday I had a mental breakdown. Today I woke up. Pen in hand and ready to make a list. First I interviewed and got a cortisone shot and 2 antibiotics for a nasty case of pink eye from allergic irritants.  Then back to pen in hand, and here we are. Making a Christmas list of all the things I want for Christmas…

I want to find my niche(however you pronounce it here in the states) in the world.  To broad?  I have for a long time spread myself extremely thin on the creating market.  No longer.  No longer.  I want to prayerfully consider what I love. What makes me happy. What is my bliss in the creating world and perfect it.  No longer will I do it all halfway.  I will figure out all the ins and outs of this world and I will do it.  If it’s painting, I will do it.  If its random blog posts, I will do it.  If it’s letters and postcards to friends I will do it. I will find the time and I will do it. 

I want to organize my life from the inside out. I want to find a place for my thoughts and the perfect way to store my jewelry alike.

I want a job that I am happy to get up and go to every morning.  Where everyone tells stories of random mix tapes, jason deli dates, stories of dinner before, shipping Pomeranians.  Where lunch is shared together and monday mornings are filled with excitement to tell each other of the weekend stories. 

I want to open a cupcakery/gallery.  No joke, I want to do this.

At the end of the day though, this Christmas season, I got everything I need.

Wishing you a lifetime and holiday season full of paper rainbows…W the unemployed artichoke



One response to “wish list

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your various woes, O Vegetable Friend o’ Mine. I’ll drink to your honor (and to you finding gainful employment in this piss-poor vaudevillian affair that we call an economy).

    Also, when you get that cup-cakllery up and going, I’ll volunteer to display my grotesque canvas abortions and read some morose free-form poetry while wearing a black turtleneck. Surely that’ll have the customers flocking in (or paying good money to get out, however you want to look at it).

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