hiatus love

Well, of course I have been slacking on the blogs.  It’s what I do best.  I have made a decision, an executive decision, I am taking a break from the blogging world to work on well, all things holiday season.  Of course I will share my random adventures, such as the wedding I was a part of this weekend, and crazy tales of Christmas shopping, but the once a day thoughts well they are officially killing me.  Who thinks that much?!  …. I guess that’s me.  Drats. Today, however, I would like to introduce you to a dear, dear friend of mine.


This is my beautiful bowl I painted with Batista last weekend.  The pottery has been glazed  and ready to use.  I feel that I might eat an extremely large bowl of Cheerios from it.  I am just very proud fo my little crawdad…nothign special, just King Rouge and I sharing Cheerios. 

Today: Car shopping…reluctantly.  Painting and finishing up the freelance work.  Whoop whoop…who’s productive(whit raises her hand).

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the productive artichoke.


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