cut the fat cook the brisket

Good morning my peeps! 

Okay so I am back up and running.  Woooo Hoooo.  This past weekend was a weekend of perfect tailgating weather, and guess how I spent it….I will wait while you ponder.  You guessed it.  I was TAILGATING! It was an event that happens every other year, the LSU versus Louisiana Tech game. Now do not be confused. Tech and LSU are not rivals, but I happened to spend 3 years at each school in my 6 years of college education.  Half and Half here, I am a Tiger and a Dawg.  That’s right.  I can not choose a side. Hence my best bud and I’s amazing attire:

{this is me with my battle band!  Batinia and Batista sporting our jerseys and what I am deeming wine faces!  Just a couple Tech grads tailgating all over the place.}

It was a phenomenal weekend that started with food love.  That’s right my readers. I found my perfect lifetime mate.  His name is Bananas Foster cheesecake.  It had been a while since we had been brought together, but trust me when I tell you I could not compose a thought when that heavenly piece of cheese cake hit my mouth.  However, the free long island ice tea that the bartender served us…I remembered why I go for my bloody mary/red wine/beer/or good ole jack and coke.  It was just too sweet, and all in all disgusting.  I think total we may have had 2 sips of this concoction and moved on with our evening of constructing our fabulous tutus and rocking awesome jerseys.

The next morning: a bit of chick-fil-a breakfast, some wine  purchasing, and off to the tailgate spot.  It was a fabulous time.  We busted open our wine and started getting ready for what was sure to be a nail biter(please note at the time this would have been sarcasm, however, the game, turned out to be much closer than anticipated).  Homecoming parades and great tailgating food.  There was great weather and great friends.  Couldn’t have been better.  Halftime at the game only proved to be better:

That’s right, Tech was ahead. Granted, this lasted until the third quarter when LSU came back and slid another win in there, but all together now “L-O-U-I-S-I-A-N-A  TECH DAWGS!”

The rest of the night is rather a blur, but there was Canes, bloody mary’s, talks of the perfect man, talks of house framing, heart surgeons, Office talk, and then scaling fences.  That’s right I jumped a fence.  However, if I told you the story aka the crime(I kid) I would have to kill you(again I kid).  Okay I will tell you:

So Batista looks at me after I get back from getting breakfast and says, “Remind me to get the clicker to the gate from you.”  We forget and go pick up our wine and while in shop she says, “Oh, give me the key.  You’ll lose it.”  I oblige and give Batista the key.  12 hours or so later….we pull up to the apartment, and guess what, no key.  No way to get in the gate.  So no fear, after 20 minutes I decide I can scale the fence.  Once I get over the metal fence, that was tall, with metal shards poking up, I run to my car and go to open the exit gate.  I get there, and what do you know…a truck pulls up to let Batista in.  Ahhhhhh, such is life.

So we hit the sack and get up for some Saints football(Who Dat) and pottery painting. 








I know we are the cutest pottery painters ever.   I have learned that pottery painting is definitely not my forte.  I mean the colors don’t look at all like they are supposed to.  I can’t push the paint around because it dries so fast.  I mean it was frustrating! I am excited to see my finished products: an ampersand, Hebert the owl, and Herbie the CrawKing.

All in all – Great weekend.  I know you all feel so much more complete in life knowing the play by-play of my exciting Baton Rouge weekend. 

Lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the TechDawg & LSU Tiger Artichoke.  (what?! I can be both)


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