feeling coming over me

Well its that time of year.  Its coming up on Mardi Gras season!  Whoopee.  I know  what some of you who are not from the great deep south are thinking. Really November and you are thinking about Mardi Gras. The answer is HELL YEAH!

None the less, it is the time that I pull out all my favorite NOLA music.  I walk places while bobbing up and down like I have a huge wand in my hand and stomping as if I am leading my band through 10 miles of marching.  It is just before the time that the trees, electrical wires, and streets are decorated with bits of glittery goodness.

While I have never had the desire to ride in one of these parades or, much less, march in them. I have always wanted to take part in the designing and the building of one of the glorious floats.  For now, however, there is no room on my to do list, but lucky me one of my friends and his lovely lady are leading the design and building of a great Mardi Gras float. I live vicariously through their build, following their blog.

design krewe

They are building it for the Krewe of Janus in Monroe, Louisiana.  Which granted is not in my lovely town of NOLA, but none the less, they are two extremely talented individuals and I can not wait to see the finish product.  Seeing the progress is just icing on the cake.  So go and check out Robert, Marla and the team’s work. Maybe one day I will participate in the building myslef, but for now I merely have the memories of high school homecoming parades.

Happy Mardi Gras(even though it is a bit early). I promise to share a virtual king cake with all of you just after Christmas.

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the Artichoke


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