keep calm, and carry on


In 1939 as a last case senario during WWII the British Government created the “Keep Calm and Carry On Poster.”  The poster was never used, as the NAZI forces never invated Britain.  In 2000 the poster was rediscovered and sold to private sectors for various decorative purposes.  I want this poster. I need this poster.  It is on my Christmas registry.  I mean a cherry red poster with white font and a crown. It was made for me.  I stare at it everymorning on the computer screens, admiring its many homes. I admire it’s royalty.  I admire its simple confidence.

Day 17, with 5 days, including today of clarity left, was a day of simple confidence.  A day that I woke up knowing exactly how I felt, what I wanted, and what needed to be done.  You know what happened?  I got it all done.  Go figure.  Simple confidence goes a long way.

So tonight, I will say a bittie prayer for all of you my dear readers, that God my bless your life with simple confidence. 

Lifetimes of paper rainbows….W the confident artichoke

Lil’ Lagniappe:  My brother is doing a speech on confidence.  He asked me for my definition of confidence.  I defined and then asked Snark-a-licious.  Please compare our definitions, as it simply sums up the difference in our personality.

Arty: Confidence is the evil twin brother of Cockiness.  Confidence is a security that is based soley in Faith. A security in something, someone, or yourself that has no evidence of facts to support it.  It is based merely on one’s faith in said, something, someone, or themselves.

Snark-a-licious: Confidence is being sure of yourself.  That your actions are reasonable and appropriate and that you have the ability to carry out those actions.


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