death to gloss

7 days

I am a girl who has dreams to do it all. This is great in a lot of aspects.  I have to do list as long as the muddy Mississippi. Now this is more of a life list, not just an everyday get it done list–a life list.  Don’t confuse this with a bucket list.  It is just little things that I want to do. I shall share a small part of my list:

I want to write a book.

I want to open a cupcakery.

I want to open an art gallery.

I want to build my bed.

I want to teach art.

I want to get an MFA.

I want to read a book a week.

I want to learn to play the banjo.

I want to have an art show.

I want to create art worthy of an art show.

I want to own a nikon d70 without paying the 1000+ dollars for it.

You see my list is a list of things that should tend to interfere with the next.  If I aimed on any given day to achieve one of these I tend to ignore the other.  One thing I did realize is that this always tends to be the case with my lists.  My bullet points tend to either over-ride, contradict, or all in all overshadow the bullet point before.  Frustrating? Yes.  However, it allows my mind to work on overdrive, and here in the south, on my flat roads, I drive my car in overdrive everyday, so can it really be that bad to think in overdrive? Do you follow? If not it’s no biggie. I lost me somewhere around my the “new post button.”

My real thought today: death of glossies!

My all time favorite magazine was “Blueprint.”  It was a Martha Stewart publication.  My dear friend Batista got me a subscription to this magazine for Christmas in 2007.  The last issue was January 2008.   This really saddened me.  Tear.  My replacement magazine: Martha Stewart.  I hated Martha Stewart.  So my wine glasses are now wrapped in the pages of the issues in my Houston storage unit.  So yay for packing! Now if I have any broken wine glasses, than I am tracking Ms. Stewart down!

Next in line was Domino.  Domino always ran a close second to Blueprint.  It shared the same qualities of Blueprint.  Most of what they introduced me to was obtainable. If I couldn’t purchase it, I could make it.  Domino and I spent 3 long years together.  I saved every issue for 18 months, when I realized that they had fun quotes on the spine.  My favorite issue was the Green Issue 2008.  It even had Ms. Spitzer before her husband, Elliot, gave up the governor seat and the mansion for Ms. Dupree.  Ms. Spitzer told the Domino community how she made the New York Governor mansion more eco-friendly.  I thought I could do that.  It inspired me to make my own paper, and the random spurt of recycling that I was rocking, was amplified.  I thought Snark-a-licious and Batista were going to cut me off as a friend.  January 2009 was my last issue(i think) of Domino.  I was sad. It was even sadder when the publishers tried to replace it with Glamour. I wear t-shirts and jeans and rarely make-up…enough said.  Domino and I had a nice healthy relationship. I still read past issues, it makes me feel like Domino is here again. Until I think, “haven’t I read this somewhere before?”

I still have one left.  ReadyMade.  Money has been tight so I gave up my subscription, but today on my to-do list was, find a new project(because you know that is just what I need, another bullet point and another un-finished project).  This lead me to the ReadyMade website, I then ordered a 2 year subscription.  Cest la Vie, eh?  I didn’t find a project, but it did bring up fond memories of my time with my glossies, and thus inspire a random post.  As if the posts are not random enough.

In my random fond thoughts of my fallen glossy friends it was a nice day. A day that I thought about nothing of importance.  I didn’t even have to remind myself to breathe.  I just rocked and rolled.  It was phenomenal!  It was the first day in many days that I can remember just breathing and thinking of nothing.  I even laughed in the face of drama…sorry about that Batista…so this weekends bag of wine is for you!  We will laugh together, in TU TU’s and Jerseys!

Hope you all had a fabulously awesome Monday of nothing-ness. It is a truly liberating and awesome feeling.  Now if you will excuse me I am going to let Ida wash me away while I sleep.  Hunker Down! (ha ha, it’s a freakin’ rain storm people!)

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the hunkered down artichoke


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