hope doesn’t come in a box

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Hope as defined by Merriam Websters

1. to desire with expectation of obtainment

2. to expect with confidence

Expect is one of my least favorite words of the English language. I only take the time to define hope as it is one of my favorite words, hope and serendipity.   Rainbows, paper rainbows, junior rainbows, my puppies wet cold nose all represent hope to me.  However, hope is defined with my least favorite word. How ironic. But cest la vie. As always, it is what it is.

Day 10: Friday nights are supposed to be full of fun and excitement. Mine was full of working on marketing for my friends Cakery. Which as boring as it sounds was muy exciting to me. I was excited for the calm weekend to follow.  (definitely wishful thinking) Back to Laura, she does some phenomenal cakes!  Below one of my faves.

HOLLEY LINGERIE{this is my favorite one. It is a strawberry cake with vanilla icing and sliced strawberries. The fondant is on top of the yummy goodness! All hand made flowers and I love the addition of the quilting.}

Saturday:  I had some 10 year reunion things to handle up on and then a day of more graphics and marketing and making some awards for my mom’s Veteran’s Day ceremony. One of my best gals came by and it was nice just to hang out.  We had a small fashion show.  Meaning she laid on my bed while I pulled out the few clothes that were left in my closet and then picked up a couple from the floor to try it all on for her and get the well sought after girl advice on clothes for future wedding festivities. Then some bridal tea goodness at the Windsor Court.  I worked really hard on the wrapping of the gift for this shower more out of pure laziness as I did not want to get in the car and go purchase moe paper, so I used what I had.  Cest la vie!gift

{the fruit of my labor}

The nice little junior rainbow image above is from this little adventure to the south shore as well. If I only knew the day that would come about the next day, my oh my would I have really taken it in.  Alas, it is here in picture form for me to enjoy each and every day.  So I am grateful for that.  I keep reminding myself, “Whit, you are an easily distracted little artichoke, but you need to focus. If it means putting breathe on your to do list than do it!” So Today I have added breathe to my list. I am good at lists.

Sunday:  Can we skip today. It was not my best day(besides putting breathe on my list), but being the neurotic, yet optimistic gal that I am let’s focus on the positive:


In celebration of this blessed night, may we all raise or drinks, “Heres to HOPE for a Black and Gold super bowl”

I know all of you feel like better people knowing my random thoughts and activities of the weekend.

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the breathing artichoke


One response to “hope doesn’t come in a box

  1. That would figure. I leave the state and the pro football team gets good. Ah well, here’s hoping!

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