all the lines across my face…

tell you the story of where i’ve been…


{I wish I could take credit for this phenomenal photo, but this is Maile over at The Daily Relish. I did take it and play and add my own flair to it}

There is something liberating about walking around without shoes. Just letting the grass and dirt wiggle between your toes.  It makes me happy when my toes can breathe without having on socks and shoes or just shoes, or even something wedged between them. I just want to feel everything. I want to touch everything, with my fingers and my toes and figuratively with my thoughts and actions. I think it goes back to just wanting to make an impact on this world. I just need to learn to make an impact like a feather, soft and graceful and less like a cannon ball.

Today has been a beautiful fall day. Like seriously, I couldn’t ask for more. Just a little victory in my 3 weeks.  Now if only I could make big victories by completing my to-do list!

I keep saying this but I was just telling my wittle pimento that I would get it all done this weekend. Hefty claim, but I am sure I can do it. I have to do it! because next weekend is the LSU vs Tech game.  Good times with my bestie-ette(as in the other bestie besides Snark-a-licious) and a great DIY jersey! The real question about next weekend, to where a tu-tu or not.  Thoughts?

But really people when do the to-do lists end?! When will I get back to my “studio” and paint? When will I get the Christmas presents under control?!

Speaking of which: Snark-a-licious and I will meet again this December, we have 2 Christmas’ to catch up on, so that means double the cocktails in the red stick right?!  I think the correct answer is “oh-my-awesomeness” yes!

I am going to wrap this up with 2 thoughts:

(1) What happened to pen-pals?! I have a cousin who has decided to join the military and I was writing him a letter the other day and I thought, oh how I love paper letters.  I believe in letters. This just got me thinking, what in the world happened to pen-pals?!

(2) My thoughts and prayers are with the soldiers of Fort Hood and their families. This is just so awful and there are just no words…

Lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the artichoke longing for a pen-pal


3 responses to “all the lines across my face…

  1. Oh, Arty…as a fellow Tech alumnus and also a veteran of LSU’s special collections, I must say that wearing a tu-tu to the game is all sorts of inappropriate.

    Also, Snarky’s always up for double cocktails. Cheers!

  2. Jenni wins…she posted her at the lucky time of 11:11. I must listen to her. The end! Sorry Snark-a-licious!

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