it lacks magic


dream no small dream, it lacks MAGIC. dream big and make it happen.

we love you.

That stinkin’ tennis ball is magic. It arrived at the perfect time tonight.  It filled my lungs back with air.  It came with the perfect little note.  Simple, to the point, and, dare I say it, perfect.

I have been slacking in the blog world. This I know. I feel like this is a perfect time for excuses.

1. Life. Really nuts.  So much on my mind and that is really nothing new, but it is the first time in my life I have really wanted to take action and do something about it.

2. I type blogs that never get published…I don’t really know what is up with wordpress. Who knows when this one will actually appear.

3. I have no excuse, I am just sucking it up.  Whoops!

Hope everyone’s hump day was full of paper rainbows and tomorrow is even better. For you end of Wednesday Evening/Thursday Morning I am sharing a super duper song for with you.

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the magical artichoke


One response to “it lacks magic

  1. You write posts that never get published. I write novels that never get published. This is why we are friends.

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