questions of yesteryears

Okay so when I was in school I had a professor tell me to always ask why.  I am quite aware that he meant this in the sense of design, but I have come to over-do it by applying it to all aspects of my life.  I am like the 5 year old kid that asks a million questions.

Whit: Why is the sky blue?

Poor soul: Because God made it that way.

Whit: Why?

Poor soul: Because it is a pretty color?

Whit: Why?

Poor soul: Because it is calming.

Whit: Why?

This banter could go on, but I am convinced you get the point.  Well lately I have been very into owls. I tried to ignore this obsession but I just couldn’t. I am officially obsessed with them.  Maybe it is the fact that I have a soft spot for the little guy in the tootsie pop commercial.  That owl he asks the tough questions in life.  That is the kind of question that really gets to the essense of the meaning of life.  “How many licks does it take to get to the center?”  In my obsesion with owls I have looked into owl art and purchashes.  Before I commit to the perfect owl purchase I have to ask myself why. 

barteski owl

{Owl-Kal Barteski}  Why I do I love this owl? Maybe because I see it hanging on a wall at the end of a hall way, staring itnently at me.  I see it giving me answers and wisdome I already know, but have been ignoring.  I love this owl beacuse he has yellow eyes that are hypnotizing. 

Mod Mom Owl Box

{Owl Box-Mod Moms} Why do I love this owl box?  Well I love it because it is a toy box. A toy that is much needed by my favorite little person.  The only thing I wish is that it was a pink owl to contrast with the green leaves.  Ahh I shall find another.

So those are my whys for the day.  Why do I love the owls, well because they are owls and owls are “oh-my-awesome!”

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the wise artichoke (muah ha ha)



3 responses to “questions of yesteryears

  1. Oh you are funny.

    But to answer your question: owls ask 2 questions sir. One is “who?” (I have heard the owl nations national anthem was written by the who) and they ask “how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?”

    This little artichoke, however, asks “why?”. Specifically: “why am I so obsessed with owls in general?” and “why should I purchae this owl ____(insert random owl thing here)?”

    Hope this clears up any confusion I may have caused you dr. Snarky.

  2. I’m submitting this to arbitration by the International Society of Nocturnal Avian Matters.

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