time is ticking so fast


1.  Halloween is my least favorite holiday.

2. Banana Republic is my favorite clothing store.  Followed a close second by J.Crew. I can not afford either.

3. Today is pay-day.  Thank goodness.

4. I so excited to hang out with old friends on Saturday.

5. My life has been in a holding pattern for years.

6. I think white cherry icees are the best things in the world.

7. I would love to get flowers for no reason at all, no sorry, no nothing, but just because I rock that hard.

8. Gray is my favorite color.

9. I am super pumped about projects I am working on right now (a) personal assistant marketing (b) cupcakery marketing (c) collaboration post cards

10. I have to go to the post office today.

11. Concert with my brother tonight.

12. I am so tired.  I want to go back to bed.

13. I laughed out loud in my sleep twice. It was a funny dream, that or the boogie man was tickling me.

14. I couldn’t end the list on 13

15. Then I thought about the fact I want the James Morrison album, and Schuyler Fisk. “Hello” is fabulous song.

16. So is Tristan Pettyman’s “Madly” Yeah I like bubbly chick music.

17. Something just fell off my bulletin board.

18. On my bulletin board I have(4) post-it notes,  (3) pictures, (2) postcards I have received, (1) dead iPod,(1) auto cad scale set up cheat sheet, and  (1) letterpress art that reads, “she believes in Magic.” Because I do.

19. On my desk I spy: a squirrel holding my ring, a calculator, organic lotion, aspirin, home-made magazine coaster, gold sequins bow tie, a rock, a wooden tape measurer, anti-bacterial hand wipes, lots of sharpies, and a note that says “don’t let you boat go by to the waterfall.” (don’t ask me, below that it says 18 days with a crown on the 18)

20. I believe that faith has brought us here and we should be together. I play it off but I’m dreaming of you. I keep my cool but I can’t.  I try to say good-bye and I choke, try to walk away and I stumble, though I try to hide it, its clear my world crumbles when you are not here.  — Yep I just sang to you.  But just so you know I am not listening to Macy Gray. I am listening to Ben Taylor(son of the amazing James Taylor) cover Macy Gray’s “I try.”

21. Now I am listening to Brandi Carlile.  “I lite my secrets one by on.  I put them all away when I am done.  I would really love to hear your voice some time to close a little distance in my mind”

22. I will stop singing.  I will leave you with this: This is your life. It may not be all that you hoped right now, but it is your life.  Sometimes life is a smooth fall day full of bridges and cane fields, sometimes it is a donkey kick between your legs. But you have to create. You have to laugh. You have to love. You have to LIVE!


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