re:send mail, send love post

Amazing how many have responded with, Whit, I didn’t know you wanted me to send a picture.”  Hmf… that is the only thing I have to say…hmf!

Pictures are coming in though…


{my post card upon the ‘corkboard-o-whit’ ; along with the golfball coloring page notes from years ago, kings of leon tickets and a smack tag. Thanks pumpernickel}

snarky goes middle america{the end comes to middle america, thanks snarkalicious!}

por tu{Nicole + Chris’ came in with a nice little email: sorry if these look so staged.  the first one was just thrown on matts desk.  but jessica thought it wasnt enough, hence the addition of the drafting dots, sharpie marker, duster, and scale!  i wanted to tape it to the middle of one of my doors at home, but i dont have a camera.  well i have the one from tech and i think its 2 pixels-seriously.  my phone takes better pictures! I definitely think the drafting dots, sharpie, scale and brush make all the difference!  Go Nicole and Jessica!}

Paper rainbows…W the artichoke


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