want vs need: part 1

I was told last night I want a lot.  I admit, there are a lot of things I want.  I am quite aware that these are not things that I need.  So don’t you peeps go condemning me for my window shopping ways.  I have decided to go with the list making that has been all encompassing my life lately and give you my top wants.  Only to be followed by my top needs at a later time(today or tomorrow)


3 Bedroom Digs. 1 Bedroom for me. 1 bedroom for an office/studio. 1 guest bedroom.  Will also settle for 2 bedroom with garage, that will be converted to a studio. The essense of my new digs is expressed in this photo:

red couch{photo via journal}


Toyota FJ Cruiser.  Silver, with front grill.  Yes, exactly what I want.


Brooks Adrenaline GTS 9

brooksIt is just so pretty, and so comfie!  I know it is pink, usually I am not a pink girl, but these silver beauties are like Heaven on my feet.  My foot doesn’t roll, twist anything. I will order these, I will order these. Then I will start jogging again, I will start jogging again, which will bring me right on to want numero 4.


My high school weight and body, granted I was 3 inches shorter, but I still want the body. Which came through diligent exercise and semi-healthy eating, the shoes above I am sure would be motivation.

prom{yes, these are mash ups of my high school days.  Look at my arms, no chicken fat at the arms, and my belly and butt were so tiny, and I never lost my boobs…oh to be 17 again}

Disclaimer: I am happy with the girl I am, I in no way think I am fat.  I want this body.  But at the end of the day I need that fountain coke and chocolate cookie more. wink wink.


Stella and Dot CoCo Necklaces as follows

LaCoCo Broch Necklace Silver


Charlize Bib Necklace

charlize{note the matching earrings would be nice too}


The Director-Malcom Fontier

MFontier_Director_WHt_Main1{so pretty, so functional, so out of my budget}

Okay so yeah that is my wish list. Most I could get myself, but really what fun is there in not wanting materialistic things, because you have them that really serve no purpose.  What fun is in that?!  The fun is in wanting them.  The novelty wears off once you get them and you realize you never really needed them. Plus you know you are liking my frivolous posts of nothingness!

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the greedy little artichoke


One response to “want vs need: part 1

  1. I love this. You may want a lot… but I think if I were to make a list of “wants,” it would be at least 3 times longer than this. Not necessarily material things either. But I definitely have a lot that I want, need, have to accomplish, etc. I love this blog.

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