question 5

5.) Happiest moment in your life? Heavy I know

Heavy but simple.  I promised big things.  I learned just last night that I make many promise that I don’t follow through on for one reason or another.  Sad I know, but I answered the question the first time as my 25 birthday in 2007.  This weekend my answer changed.  Where I have no words to sum up this weekend, I have pictures.  And though it may not seem like it to the average reader, it is big.  It is heavy.  So this is a promise I am following through on.

basin{driving east is always bittersweet}

tired thoughts{there comes a point when all your thoughts are blurred and are nothing but moving light}

alligator food{all about the alligator food}

magic{all it takes is one star and a magic tennis ball}

So there you go.  That is my new answer to question 5 and I will hold on to forever and ever.  Cause in that moment, in that weekend, nothing was scary, nothing was overwhelming, it just was.

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the artichoke


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