simple for each other

I make promises and never follow through, but tonight, expect greatness!  I promise!  I am going to get back on the ball with updating. I have been creating very little on paper, but creating magic in my soul, creating love in my heart, and happiness in my life…and in that case can you really be upset that I am not updating?!  I will leave you with this…


{Snarky this should be familiar to you}

I have an obsession with bridges…and this weekend it was beautifully blissful.  A drive through cane fields and over bridges made it better. Bridges just stand for something strong, something great, something that takes two different things and connects them. They are built to rust, weather, and not fall, and in the rare occasion that they fail, hello twin-span, they are rebuilt, with out hesitation.  They are the connection.  So I am obsessed with them.  Maybe it is because as a child my mom would sing “love can build a bridge” by the judds, but whatever the reason, I go over them, and breathe deep and exhale.  In that there is peace.  And look at that sky, if that doesn’t show you that there is a God that created all of this.


lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the blissful artichoke


One response to “simple for each other

  1. Oh good lord. I know that bridge far too well.

    P.S., the other bridge (the one to the right) is in much better condition. 😉

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