pimentos + plans

So, as it seems to be the norm, it has been a while since I have updated. I have added a new page, “the lost art of email.”  Check it out.  Pretty much it is a couple of my favorite daily morning emails to my friends.  Each with a random story, pick me up, etc.  I hope to update that at least every week with one or two of them, so keep checking them out.  But for now, lets take a moment.

I GOT MY POSTCARDS IN!!!!  hip hip hooray!  They look awesome.  I plan on sending some out to friends. I am hoping they will all take a picture of the delivered postcard and send it in for a great little photo post.  hint hint hint.  We are about to see how many people are really my friends and actually read.

Life has been good.  Full of change and forward movement in life.  I can’t complain.  Just taken each day one at a time.  It is a nice change given the chaos that has been my life lately.  I plan on getting back in the garage/studio this weekend.  Even with the family wedding extravaganzas going on.

For tonight, however, a bit of bittie art.  Enjoy.

olive juice

{just an olive looking for my pimento}

Wishing you a lifetime a paper rainbows…W

UPDATE: I misspelled in the first one…whoops…I have updated…thanks Esteban for the early morning catch, thats why you are a good pumpernickel


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