it’s gonna wash away

Okay so it has been a while, but let’s just look at pictures and pretend that I have been keeping all updated! I have had a long frustrating two weeks, but none the less, those troubles are just going to wash away.  I even got to where my favorite rubber boots on Friday.  Ahhh the rain. I love the rain.

wash away {picture should be looked at while listening to Joe Purdy, “Wash Away.” Yep same song in the dawn commercial that makes me cry, EVERYTIME.  Just click the pic}

I also have gotten a new favorite necklace.  I had this “karma necklace” that my friend had given me. I wore it everyday, I loved it.  It was just a little silver ring that was on connected in two places on a chain. It broke.  I guess I had bad karma.  Then I got myself a hammared, silver, square necklace that was similar, connected in two places and latched in the back.  I lost it.  So I have found something different. Something a bit bolder, a bit more fun, and unique. 

Organic O

{Blonde Chick Studio}

I love it.  it fit perfectly, it hangs perfectly and I love the shadow that it leaves.  So fun.  It is pefect to play with as I tap away at my mouse working on sections and details at work.  Oh I love getting myself a get well gift. 

On another note…I love t-shirts.  Just a good soft cotton t-shirt.  I don’t believe they need anything extra, but what are your thoughts on lace on t-shirts?  Is it too much?  Does it ruin a good thing? Can it be done tastefully?  These are questions of my life right now, and no, it really has nothing to do with t-shirts.  I know, the MYSTERY!  Happy Tuesday/Wednesday!

Lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the girl in the plain ole t-shirt


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