on my wish list

Okay so I know I have been on a posting roll this weekend, but the week is always nuts after work work, so I have to share all the things I get excited about now!  I just opened my google reader and it was like the heaven’s opened up and the lights came down to show me what I needed in my life! 


{Cute Camera Bags, by Daily Relish}

Are these not the most fabulous camera bags you have ever seen!  Okay I am done.  I of course must have the red one.  I can’t wait till they are on the market! 

Okay I am done for real now!  Paper rainbows…W


5 responses to “on my wish list

  1. why YES they are the most fabulous camera bags! they look like fabulous handbags too! LOVE LOVE LOVE! i’ll take the turquoise one, kthxbai.

    oh and ps. i came across banksy’s work while searching for graffiti work. he’s pretty effin amazing!

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