buzzing around like a lil’ bee

weekend page

Well, the weekend is coming to an end.  As much as I hate to see it leave, I guess all good things must come to an end.  I have updated the Etsy shop as much as it is going to get updated for a couple of days/weeks.  I finger-painted!  I have been working hard on the book.  It is coming a long nicely.  I worked on some freelance graphic design, and I also evidently got bit by a spider.  We will just add this to the list of things to talk to the doctor about. I mowed the lawn, washed the dogs, and washed some clothes.  I also added a new page to the blog, check it out.  It will be updated once a week with my favorite picture email.  You see for a weekend where nothing was planned it was busy!  None the less, a good weekend.  I got some of my creative synergy out.  Not as much as I had hoped, but let some out just the same. 

Hope everyone has a great week! 

Wishing you a lifetime of paper rainbows and smooth peanut butter.  W the Creative Artichoke


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