A Saturday of Nothing

Long, long week, however, I made it to the weekend.  I am only sad that I only have one more day to sleep in. It has felt so good to do very little this weekend except, paint and lounge around.  I wrote some thank you notes and got to use some of my K is for Calligraphy envelope tags!  I love them! So perfect and look great on my recycled envelopes. My favorite little note card with the green coral is poking out just to say hello. 

envelope tags

I even got to play around in the “studio” today!  Whoopee!  I made a complete mess and stepped in my pallet of paint.  Notice my black heel print on the ground.  Note, I did not spill all that paint. The “studio” floor is splatter painted.

mess i make

I then decided it had been way, way, way too long since I had finger painted, so I put away all the brushes and started getting my hands dirty.  I am really liking the direction that the painting is taking.  I can’t wait to finish it up.  It is titled “now just one.”


And thus my weekend so far.  Tomorrow, more finger painting.  Till then, paper rainbows world…W

Lil’ Lagniappe!  The etsy shop is setting itself up nicely.  Go check it out. The digital pieces I put on there are pieces are ones that had been requested.  Let me know if there is a piece on the blog that you would like to see in the shop!  email me at red.gray.design@gmail.com


One response to “A Saturday of Nothing

  1. i know those stickers!!! hooray! I love them with your recycled envelopes! you said thank you and that is something! happy October my Etsy friend!

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