i am going to the chapel and i am planning your wedding

Okay so while lying on the couch with ice today I found a picture of a cake in my google reader.  It was of a tall beautiful wedding cake.

Now let me tell you a little bit about this artichoke.  I would love a big wedding.  I love the idea of a party just for me.  I love the idea of a party just for me that I get to plan, but parties like that cost lots of money.  A lot of money that I do not have.  I have come to decide that the husband is the most important part of this equation.  The groom means the most to me, so I decided that the most important thing is the lifetime to come, and the big wedding got tossed to the back burner.  Then today a solution to my dilemma, I will just plan another’s wedding.

So I find this wedding cake.  I instantly think, this is a cake for Jenni!  She would love this cake.  So I emailed it over.  She then responded and we began discussing all the decor of her wedding. I then let her know that I am helping plan this wedding because I am not having a big wedding and well, the end.  I am helping.  We began laughing back and forth and the crazy began.

I joke that I am going to start a blog with all the pictures, funny stories, etc. of the two of us planning a wedding that is not “officially” happening yet.  You see Jenni is not quite engaged.  They are planning on it, but the ring is not on the finger.  So I am sure Billikins is thinking that we are nuts.  That or my craziness has officially rubbed off on Jenni.  None the less, the blog was created.  So tonight I introduce you to:  The Chartreuse Fleur De Lis.  I know you are loving it!  What a girl can do with a sick day and photoshop.

Well all this got me thinking about my favorite part of weddings:


I love the flowers at weddings.  It is actually my favorite part.  I love the colors, I love the type. I especially loved Leanne (of Leanne the walker-did you donate?) and Jared’s.  They were the perfect mix of roses, hydrangeas, and all things lovely!

the well wishes

Again from Leanne and Jared’s wedding, they had a wishing tree.  It was so cute! Such a great idea!

cupcakes copy

I loved that Laura made the boxes, the cupcakes, the everything for her wedding.  It was so cute and so professional!  Go Laura!

Okay so that is enough wedding talk for the night.  I am leaving out another favorite part of weddings and that is the invites!  I love the invites!  From now on, there will be no talk of weddings here.  Just direct yourself to The Chartreuse Fleur De Lis.

Wishing you a lifetime of paper rainbows and smooth peanut butter…W the newly appointed wedding planner


2 responses to “i am going to the chapel and i am planning your wedding

  1. You totally rock, Whit! I love love love the shout out AND the new blog! It’s way more fun planning someone else’s wedding, trust me! 🙂 Our flowers were all Cindy Davis Designs (cindydavisdesigns.com). Cindy is J’s aunt and she completely rocks. She designed the wishing tree also, we had no idea she was going to do that. Now those little tags hang on a brown ribbon on the wall in the corner of our bedroom. Gorgeous decorations and we love reading what everyone wrote us! 😉

  2. Snarky says that you’ve exceeded the maximum allowable saturation point for wedding talk in this post. We’re gonna have to fine you.

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