House.  I have been anxiously anticipating the season premire of House all summer.  I was so sad when House had imagined the affair between he and Cuddy.  When Wilson dropped him off at the asylum, my heart broke a bit.  His face was so sad.  However, I find myself not enjoying House so much tonight.  The same ole’ House is so sad.  I like him better as a butt head.  What is going on?  I am just ready for him to solve the crazy medical delimma!  Solve it House, Solve it.  Save them!

On another note I have a long to do list of things to work on.  First and formost a bit of revamping on some graphics and type for a business.  Then some designing for my friend Laura.  This weekend though, it will be a weekend of painting.  Painting for the soul and painting for some friends.  It will be a weekend for myself.  No talking, just painting.  I am looking forward to this weekend. 

Happy Day my loves. 

Wishing you a lifetime of paper rainbows…W the Artichoke


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