i am a little tea pot

Secret confession 27:  When I drink, which lets face it growing up in South Louisiana is not that often, I like to go classy. I like to go with a nice box of Franzia Chillable red.  Why you ask, well sit right back and I will tell you.

1. It is like kool-aid but better.

2. It costs all of 10 dollars for what is equivalent to multiple bottles.

3. I look like I am drinking a fine wine when in fact it tastes nothing like red wine it tastes like a fun grape juice concoction with no dryness.

4. The box can also be used as a side table in a lawn chair.

5. When you need to transport your beverages and do not have an ice chest, you can pull out the bag of wine with in the box and throw it in your back-pack, BINGO BANGO!  Tailgating oh-my-awesomeness.

This all bringing me to my last weekend on the road for a while.  It was LSU tailgating at its finest.  Here is some of the photographic evidence of the day:


{me and my best starting the day, this is before the 10 miles of walking. Notice the backpack, and the equally classy Miller High Life hat, hey don’t judge.  I can be super serious too!}

Now I know that my tailgating experience is not the purpose of this blog, but what kind of person would I be if I did not share my love with the rest of the world.  So raise your glass this chillable red is for you.

Here’s to wishing you a lifetime of paper rainbows…W the tiger fan


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