wild horses

I have really been sucking it up and slacking on the posting this week, but ahhh such is life.  So lets backtrack through my days lately.

There have been rainbows, and work, and yard work, free time work(ha), watching Jordan win Big Brother[big brother is my guilty pleasure, I have not jumped for joy like I did since Will Kirby in season two won], planning a weekend of fun, getting paid, watching it disappear, etc, etc.  So for now I am going to share some pictures from the wedding and the weekend.

cake{top tier of a beautiful cake by the bride and my friend.  Go Laura!  Holley’s Cakery}

claire-md{i wish she wasn’t moving so fast!  we asked for a drink. evidently there were none left in the fridge so she brought us the whole case.  oh kids}

0912-weekend 057{notice how sunny it is and then how dark it gets, but I was almost home!}

And then we are home.  Yay.  Hope this holds you over for another day. I promise to work harder to get some stuff up here. I even have some art to put up!  What, What?!


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