food for thought-my houston fave!

Disclaimer: I always type up my post for the day in the evening.  Yesterday was a long day and there was mucho going on that I just did not get a chance to put this in writing. I typed half and the phone would ring…YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.  muah ha ha.  Me being the girl unable to say no kept saving this as a draft and then promising to get back to it before I went to bed.  Well the benadryl kicked in, as my allergies have been bazurk, and I was out.  None the less, some food for thought.


Tres Leches was always my favorite treat in Houston. There was a little place in the Heights called Dry Creek. It was BYOB and had great breakfast and great tres leches.  I found this recipe today and I can’t wait to try it out.  Look how tastee it looks!


Yummy, so go check it out. Whose with me for a Tres Leches party!

Now I am going to get to today’s work.  Muah!

Lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the Artichoke


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