muse in my g-reader

Yes, ladies and gentlemen I have renamed my google reader g-reader.  Not very original, but none the less a sign of affection.  My google reader is indeed gangsta. I tell him, “Hey G-Reader, I am really digging [insert blogger] here.  Every time [insert blogger here] speaks, could you let me know.”  G-Reader always obliges.  So sweet.  This week I was introduced to a lil’ lady that speaks straight to my heart.  Chunky Girl is the author Running While Chunky.

Backtrack:  I have only once in my life been the tiny girl.  Even then I never felt comfortable in my own skin.  One day something happened…I was completely charmed by the girl looking back at me in the mirror.  She was sometimes funny, sometimes completely over the top, she couldn’t dance at all, but dang she tried.  She could play in an air band like no one else.  She had huge brown eyes and she smiled even when she was sad.  She had m&m toes.  What can I say she kinda rocked.  Why had I not seen this girl before?!  So I vowed to take care of myself, not to be to hard on myself, and well just live life.  Chunky or skinny, at the end of the day, who cares?!  Don’t get m wrong, I need to get in shape, I mean, sometimes I am worn out after dancing to just one song in my bedroom.  I need to be able to make it through at least a set of songs, and I do not like the back of my knees, but at the end of the day my love for fountain coke and crushed ice outweighs the little pooch on the back of my knees. At the end of the day I am kinda in love with me, in a completely non egotistical kinda way.

Back to the subject at hand, running while chunky . She is whitty. She is running(which I can not do).  She is a girl, having fun and I have a blast following her journey.  So check it out and be mused.  Find your inner chunky and let them free!



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