purple day

Well today on my way to work an amazing thing happened.  I drove by sonic and that fun crushed ice was calling my name.  I could hear it in the wind, “Whitney, imagine the fountain coke fizzling on your tongue.  You can get 44 ounces for only 99 cents, drink me, drink me.” So I did.  I ordered my 44 ounces of fountain coke goodness and even had a conversation with the sonic lady about how the drinks were so heavy and I was scared I would poke my finger through the styrofoam.  I did not poke my finger through.  I got on the phone and chit chatted with good ole’ sno pea about her date.  We discussed kissing and when to bring the boy home to the abode etc.  This is neither here nor there, but just to fill time.  The weather looked something like this:


So the wipers were on. Well as I pulled into the lot to park, there was a Tahoe that was taking up 3 spots so I pulled forward.  I parked ahead and got of phone with sno pea.  I picked up my coke and was on my way out of the car.  My coke had other plans.  My crushed ice and fountain goodness decided it would like to take up residence upon my floor board.  Ahhh…such is life.  Such is life. 

This weekend:  Wedding in Shreveport. Yay Laura!  I am so so happy for you! Let me tell you a bit about Ms. Laura, she is so uberly talented.  She is making her own wedding cake.  Below are the roses for the cake. I can not wait to see the finished product!  roses

Again, another girl just following her creative dreams.  I am so inspired.  It is now or never for this little artichoke!  I must really start lasso-ing my creative energy.  I know there is more to me than what I am channeling now.  I can do it all, and I will.  It is geaux time. 

 Annnnnnyyyy-who…I will have plenty of pictures on Monday when I am coming back through.  Till then, Happy weekend!  Wishing you a lifetime of paper rainbows and smooth peanut butter. 


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