back to where i was

cams birthday weekend 017

This weekend was my little brother’s birthday.  And though you may not be able to tell by the photo above, we really do love each other.  He is my podnah, my buddy, my brother.

So it was his birthday and we “surprised” him with a birthday tailgating soiree.

Tonight it is painting and creating.  I did get a great present in the mail.  Well a present to myself…I got my tags in!  I can’t wait to send some letters and put these on the envelopes! I realized I mis-spoke yesterday regarding Katy who hand makes each individual piece. I stated that she was an interior designer, that was another girl whose work I have been following.  Stay tuned for news on her.  For now, K is for Calligraphy! Plus she has a minor in French!  I am French(muah ha ha). She was so sweet and a pleasure to order from, so of course I must share her with all!  Check out her blog, and etsy shop! I love it! Love it!  Ahh I love strangers who become my muse.


{k is for calligraphy, little meet and greets}

Oh happy Tuesday!  Now lets get on with Wednesday. I am ready for some weekend love!  I think I am just excited to finish the painting I have been working on.  I call it “project second chance.”

Wishing you a lifetime of paper rainbows & smooth peanut butter…W


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