victory is sweet, even from the cheap seats

Happy Labor Day!  Today was going to be a day at the beach, but now it is a day with the paint brush, so look for pics a bit later.  For now, some google reader action!

I have become a bit obsessed with paper.  I ordered some homemade paper from Etsy last night, I want to investigate it and see if I can’t work on making it the same. We shall see.  Then there is printed paper.  On one of my new favorite blogs Knack.  I then saw these amazing paper packs:


They are from Three Potato Four.  I love the patterns, I love the prints.  I love it.  It will soon be the best 16 dollars I spend for a minute or two.  Till I find the next great thing.  The shop itself has amzing little knick knacks.  Lemme just say I am sold.  I love it. 

Now I will go create some amazing knick knacks for myself including a paper mobile…We shall see!  Happy Labor day, I will be back later with a food adventure and some creative synergy.  Ahhh victory!

Lifetime of paper rainbows…W


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