everytime i change my mind

ahhh a monday without work.  So nice, so sweet.  Today I slept till 11, okay almost noon.  [hangs head in shame] and then made my way outside to the garage for some creation synergy.  For the most part it was a pretty productive day.  I made some paper for Paris’ painting.  I stripped down some old canvas for a new painting. I started a new project…still with out a name.  However, around 6 I decided I did not like what I was working on and threw white paint all over it.  That is just how I role.  I like to call this, crete and destroy.  To me it just follows a law of nature, for every action there is an equal and and opposite reaction. Plus it makes for a hell of a release of frustration.  None the less, work week starts tomorrow and I plan on coming home and painting.  I will finish my projects. I will finish my projects.  I will finish my projects.

Lil’ Lagniappe:  I received the sweetest email from Ms. Dejarnette NOLA herself. I will share a clip it because I think it is something we all need to hear on a regular basis, “I want to let you know that when I first started creating jewelry I didn’t think in a MILLION years I would be able to run my business full time.  As cliche as it sounds, I think if you have a passion and work hard enough it will happen.  I feel very fortunate to do something I love every day.  And then a sweet person like yourself blogging about my jewelry–that is the cherry on top!”

Hope everyone has a fantabulous shorter work week!  Paper Rainbows…W


2 responses to “everytime i change my mind

  1. I am SO excited about your paper making… and especially my painting. I am so looking forward to seeing it. It will be my most prized possession! 🙂 It will also be yet another birthday gift to myself. 30 years old… how does that happen? You’re amazing. the end.

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