life is as big as a stage

Life is huge.  It is this huge thing that is confusing, and fun, and unfair, and brilliantly humbling.  My life for the past couple years has been consumed by this desire to figure out other people. This undying need to figure out why the characters have walked in and out of life.  Recently that dream has been put on the back burner to focus on one person, me.  I packed up my life and walked away.  I wasn’t walking a way from this huge life, but I was walking away from a job that I adored, friends that I had made, and a city that was full of promise all for one hope, to find my niche.  I feel the need to quote my favorite cowboy mouth song, “Take me back to New Orleans, and drop me at my door, cause I may love you yes, but I love me more.”

Two nights ago why lying on the cool tile floor, I came to a realization, they, as in the they that we use when we say, “They say…” You know that they.  Well “they” might just be right.  I might have just run away out of pure exhaustion, but one way or another, no regrets, I must keep pushing.  So I am looking for my niche.  My niche in my own life.  So I have been researching.

I read random books and never finish them.  I eat new things.  I read blogs. I window shop. I sketch. I just look for me within myself.  Well tonight while looking for myself I found my new favorite NOLA crush.  Pardon me while I blush.  Ladies, Gentlemen, meet Dejarnette New Orleans.


{vienna, pretty in pink, vienna, gumball broach, pretty in pink clasp, vienna, great splash}

I just fell in love with the vintage feel of the pieces and so danty.  I really think my favorite part of all this was the clasp of the gumball broach necklace:

gum_03{look at the little gumballs at the end!  I heart this, can we say “oh-my-awesomeness!”}

Okay so maybe I am getting a bit too excited by the jewelry, but this is the thing. Here’s a girl. A south Louisiana girl who fell in love with creating and is doing it, she made it her profession.  Is that who I am? Maybe, but maybe I am something else.  In the words of Justin Bobby, “Truth and time tell all.”

Till next time, lifetimes of paper rainbows…W


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