I have to admit.  I am in a funk.  I am not so much in a creative funk as the ideas are flowing and it feels great.  I have so many projects I want to work on and it seems as if the only problem is find time to do it all.  This weekend I tried to organize and prioritize my creative energy, ideas, and well over all my life.  I am trying to get rid of that which is one of the following”

1. That which is unrealistic to a point at which it is ludicrous and a waste of time.  Do not confuse this with giving up on idealistic dreams.  I could never do that.  I more mean, flushing out the toxins that do not add to a creative energy.

2. Songs on my playlist that I have actually gotten up to hit skip on.  It is one thing to grin and push through a tune you are just not feeling, a complete other to actually get up and walk the 4 steps to hit skip.  We can not be having that nonsense! Time for the song to get the boot from the iPod.

3. The white tank top that is so old that there are holes in the back….this was a tough one.  For no other reason as it was time for my trustee tank and I to part ways.  She had become un-trustee.  She wasn’t holding the girls up like she used to and lets face it, she was getting so thin you could see right through her. Have no fear, she is living her new life just fine making friends with my old school projects, empty paint tubes and the broken paint brush.  I am sure they have all started a club, the “Remember when Whit used to worship us and now look at as we are hanging out with ketchup packets and the paper towel she used to clean off the stove Club.” My tank, tubes, and paint brushes now all have secret handshakes and talk bad about me, but alas what do you do.  I had to clean out.  It wasn’t them, it was me…I take that back…it was them too.

None the less, I did some painting, and finished up what I like to call my 36 square inch sketchingt.  Which in reality is a 64 inch square sketching, but I misjudged and at some point deemed the tiny canvases 6×6.  They are really 8×8, and I call myself a designer, the shame!  I just really want to get back in the groove of creating off the computer too.  So I sloshed around some paint and let come what came(does that phrase exist, cause it does now!).

paintingsI also worked on the book, magadoodle peeked in a bit to make sure all was going well.

08302009 004All in all it was a pretty successful weekend.  I just hung around and tried not to get sick, as it seems everyone around me is sick or straight on there way there.  None the less, Happy Sunday.  Have a great week.

Wishing you lifetimes of paper rainbows…W


One response to “iPaint

  1. That photo of Maggie peeking over the top of your monitor like a canine Kilroy is priceless.

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