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Okay so my google reader has been filling up with some amazing things lately.  Cherry cupcake recipes, awesome artichoke planters, dog tags, etc. etc. etc.  So this morning I have decided to share with you some links to my favorite posts that have been so nicely starred in my google reader.

05. Proper Disposal of a Jalopy by my buddy over at Grellow Studio : I have always meant to theorize on why this car was in the trash like this and never got around to it.

04.  The Writing is on the Wall… over at Walking Around : I have always wanted to do this to a wall.  I looked into getting custom wallpaper printed once…soooo expensive. For now my writing will all just have to be in the margins.

03.  August Bulletin Board by Ms. Kal Barteski over at LoveLife  : I love the quote, I love the graphics, I love it all!

02.  The Moos is Loose… over at Knack :  I love this.  I have printed it and put it on my bulletin board as I am contemplating the materials I will use to make NOLA the New Orleans moose.

01. Sometimes You Just get Answers, Pt 1 by my favorite cynic over at Working Title : I often read his blog to get my somewhat regular (work on this buddy!) fix of cynicism and liberal politics, but, like me, Cynic McSnarky over there has the undying passion to tell a story. Both of us are working on them, and when he shared this little quote, I knew it was an answer I was needing too in my life.  So it is numero one of the starred blogs this month.  I can’t wait for “Sometimes You Just Get Answers, Pt 2.”

I may make this a regular thing.  Who knows.  None the less, paper rainbows…W


One response to “(starred subject)

  1. Aww, Arty…you’ve warmed the deepest cockles of my black little heart. Cheers!

    I’ll work on the “blogging more often” thing… These are the reasons why I need an intern.

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