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creative energy

Okay so with no internet on my laptop hopefully will be resolved this week as sneaking other’s laptops is getting old really quick.  I am living on my jump drive, ttransferring jpegs and photoshop files here there and everywhere.  A cool front is coming through south Louisiana, which means it is 87versus 97, and I spent most days outside in the garage with the doors open and enjoying sunshine and lost of paint.  It was nice to get back to the water, tubes of paint, canvas, and nothing but my own creative energy.  I have some large unfinished paintings and they have been gawking at me every time I walked past them.  I just can’t seem to get them where I want them to be.  I can’t give them the life they want.  So I decided to get some small canvas and just play with paint.  It was nice.  It was nice to get a few things that I really like out of the weekend.  I plan on doing something similar next weekend. 

The book is going great.  I have been working hard on laying out each page. I am stuck on the illustrations. Creating new ones and the combination with the existing.  Ahhh but this is my job.  I am an interior designer, I should be used to creating new spaces within the existing.  None the less, it has been an interesting adventure.  I decided to go back to my studio days and write down my mission in the project, whenever I get stuck, I will refer to it and reevaluate, let it marinate, and move forward.  “This book is me.  It will be a linear, visual telling of life; taking a snarky role about the things that stick with you whether it be a place, project, song, or person.  This book will be my souls coffee shop.” Yep put that in your pipe and smoke it.  This statement will guide me, filter my thoughts, and define this project.  The end.

Oh another note, I made my camera a camera pouch to protect it when it is in my purse.  All the bags that are sold are too big to put in my purse, so I made my own:

camera bag

 I made it while watching We are Marshall, and in between my tears.  On that note: May I just say though, I have said it all over the place…the Dawn commercial with the oil soaked penguin is so sweet and sad.  I tear up every time. This commercial always makes me tear up, almost as much as the animal shelter commercial with Sarah Mclachlan.  I mean just click the link and watch…soooo sweet and sad.  Neither of these should play during sad movies, especially true sad movies.  I want to go buy up all the dawn in the stores to help those bittie little animals.  The end.

With all this ramble here is a bittie art for ya.  Hey one in a week is a bit behind, but none the less, it sums up how I feel about a lot, not to mention I say it all the time.  With that said, if anyone wants to purchase a gift for me, you can get me this tote. But on with the bittie art:

the endLifetimes of paper rainbows…W the Artichoke


One response to “(petit art subject)

  1. I was waiting for the day when your catchphrase made it into a piece of your artwork. Now that that day has arrived, I can…well…drink my effing coffee in peace.

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