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Good day blog world…

I still have no Internet on my computer at home.  Don’t misunderstand, the Internet connection is there. It is my computer. I have updated, restarted, kicked, screamed, etc, etc.  Only to keep getting the dreaded message every time I open the Internet: “An error has occurred and we need to shut down your Internet immediately Whitney because you spend too much time on it with your (bleeping) bittie art and social networking.  So stop tweeting about it and go read a book, play with your dog, ride a bike, anything, but me as your computer and friend for 4 years is showing you some tough love and not allowing you to open Internet explorer.  Thank you.  PS any unsaved work you have done you will lose now. ”  Yes it is that exact message.

So since I have no fun art for you because everything is done from the everyday computer with no photoshop, no cad, and wait for it none of my random archive of images I have been doing everything on my roomie’s(shhhhh) laptop, I have decided to just tell you some random things going on.

1. My keys disappeared on Friday, August 7 2009 around noon.  Last time I remember twirling my small set around.  On my keys there was my beloved car key, work key, friends apartment key, my old apartment key (yes I still have a key to Number 5 at the Vides), and surprisingly not my house key, as that is what my garage door opener is for.  I had lost my spare key to my car in 2003 during Katrina.  I should file this with my insurance as hurricane damages 6 years later.  So my key is gone.  I turn the house upside down when I get back from my impromptu trip to north Louisiana.  I turn my mom’s car upside down. I turn my car upside down.  For 48 hours this frantic search and rescue went on.  The girl I work with was bringing me to work.  On Tuesday I call all search efforts off and decide they have disappeared into the abyss.  I call the Honda place and explain my situation.  I ask what the damage will be and almost pee’d myself in excitement when I was told only 50 dollars.  Saturday, August 15 I get up bright and early as this is the only day I could make it to the dealership, and take another car and go get my key.  I get there and they cut this beautiful key, but it still has to be programed.  So to avoid towing they give me this break code I will use to temporarily start my car(you see my car will not start if the microchip inside is not programed to the key).  I am so happy.  I get home put the key in the ignition and start tapping my breaks.  tap-tap-tap-tap- Nothing.  The code doesn’t work. After an hour of trying, I decide I must tow my car to the dealership.  I get it there.  Then find out the key is 50 dollars and the programming is 100.  So the 50 dollars quickly turned into almost 300.  Ah such is life, but by 1 pm I was out the door with new key in hand and  ready to joy ride my car around.   Six pm rolls around and I get a phone call from my mom it went like this:

Whit: Hello

Mom: Well, you are either going to be really upset or laugh really hard.

Whit: You found my keys.

Mom: They were under the car seat in my car.  I don’t know how we missed them. I even vacuumed.

Whit: Ah well, such is life.  Icing on the cake.  Par for the course. [insert any other random cliche here] Just my luck.

I did laugh. I then enjoyed a nice dinner with college buddies.

2. I hung out with the most amazing friends this weekend.  Friday a little FroYo love at Counter Culture and a ridiculous 80’s movie. Saturday a little dinner on the river and watching the sunset with two gals and a guy from college all while enjoying the refreshing taste of a miller.  I love nights like this. It is nice to know that you are loved and love so many.  People always say it is quality and not quantity.  In the days when I am blue, I tend to forget that I have not only quality friends, I have a decent quantity of these quality people.  I am blessed little artichoke.

3. Brett Favre.  I hesitate to speak of him, but my brother is a huge fan of him.  Has been since I can remember.  Favre’s melodramatics are something that I see way too often in myself.  Lordy, how do my friends put up with me sometimes.  But really, Favre is in, he’s out, he’s in, he’s out…don’t get me wrong, his gray scruff is adorable, but come one sir, make up your mind! None the less, Favre is back in the NFL and my brother is stoked, so I did this mini art for him.


4. I have run across a oh my awesomeness website: Personas.  Personas is in their words “Personas is a component of the Metropath(ologies) exhibit, currently on display at the MIT Museum by the Sociable Media Group from the MIT Media Lab. It uses sophisticated natural language processing and the Internet to create a data portrait of one’s aggregated online identity. In short, Personas shows you how the Internet sees you.”  So I typed in my name and I was hooked.  So I decided to compare my name, my former name, my dad’s name, and my mom’s name and compare our Internet DNA if you will. The following image is the result(I cropped out all the words and just fell in love with the bands of color, the end):

personas2 copySo go type in your name and just watch the amazingness!  How awesome is it that I typed in my former name and there is not digital trace!  AMAZING.  Please note that my the light blue is for education and my father and I have these bands of blue and my mom, the teacher, has none.  Also the flesh color is for fame…my mom and dad have fame I didn’t even know of-that deserves an “oh-my-aweseomeness.”

5. If the lack of internet at home was not enough to get my panties(which ps…are so comfie! I love GapBody!) in a knot, this is what a friends laptop did to me when trying to go to my facebook page! What is going on with the internet and I right now!  ha ha.  AW, SNAP copy

With all this nonsense said. Have a great rest of the week.  I am going to continue working on the book.  Thank you my dear friend, Dr. Snarky, for the blurbble to start the whole shabang off.  I will have more updates this weekend.  I am boycotting internet till Friday.  (okay that’s a lie, I will be on tonight. I am sneaking the other laptop.)

Wishing a you a lifetime of paper rainbows…W the [insert adjetive] artichoke


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