(soulshine subject)

Good Evening blog nation.

I feel like lately all the little inconveniences of the world have been sneaking up on me only to find my way into a delightfully shiny situation.  I almost lost a check.  Then found it and saw a rainbow.  I lost my phone and got lost on the westbank of NOLA then found my phone, found my way out, and found 20 dollars under the car seat.   I lost my keys…I still haven’t found those, but Saturday I will have a new one for much less than expected.   Plus I have a life plan now.  A mission and I am sticking to it.  There is no deterring me.  So it is no surprise I am in a shiny mood.  Here’s tonight’s bittie art:


So I reading my book and last night Liz was learning about Indonesian meditation, the Indonesian medicine man told Liz, “Just sit and smile.  Smile through your body.  Even you liver should smile.”  So last night I too sat in my room on my bed indian style and just smiled. I thought of all things good.   I just smiled.  This lasted for all of 30 seconds and then I thought about where my keys could be. I intend on trying this out again today. I have also decided that I will modify the instructions to “Just sit and shine.  Shine through your body.  Even shine in your liver.” Same premise.  Different words. 

Shine today and every day my people.  The world is just waiting for you to shine.

Lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the Shiny one(but not like shiny face, that’s bad…just a bit of soulshine coming through)

Post Script: A little lagniappe for you. My two favorite songs about shining. Numero Uno. Numero two.


One response to “(soulshine subject)

  1. you are too funny. yes shine but no t zone shining cause that’s bad. hope your day continues shining brightly. and thank you for the sweet comment today.

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