(serious subject)

Okay so today, my friend asked me the loaded question, “How serious are you being?”  Now typically I would have said in the words of Man-Bear-Pig/Southpark Al Gore, “I’m being super cereal.”  You see I was being as far from serious as possible, but instead of using my “super cereal” phrase, I decided to make up my own.  “I am being as serious as a elephant on a circus ball.”  Let’s get real, do you really think the other elephants in the family take that elephant seriously.  No, No they don’t. Dumbo up in the middle of the ring balancing on a dang beach ball.  That was my initial thought.  Then the following train of thought happened….

I can’t even walk a straight line.  I can barely balance on one foot.  Shoot, balancing on a ball would be super serious.  I thought about when I used to do pilates and the instructor would very calmly, while I am balancing on my tale bone, flapping my arms up and down, “Find your center.”  I have no center.  No center at all.  So the fact that this one ton animal has a better center than me…that is very SERIOUS…and thus Tuesday’s bittie art.  I have titled it, “As serious as a elephant on a beach ball.”

shhhh copy

{Let me also note that the sketch of the elephant on the ball was done in the margins of my scratch notebook and transferred to computer via my camera phone.  The end!}

…lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the unbalanced


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