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So this is blog 100.    Enjoy!


I have dreams, dreams of one day opening a cupcakery.  I want it to be a cupcake gallery.  A place where the non-coffee drinkers feel at ease amongst the coffee drinkers, and vice versa.  I want there to be fun art on the walls and music for all tastes playing.  This cupcake represents the first step in that dream. It was a homemade chocolate with a sweet center and a butter cream icing.  Yummy. Next stop will be the turtle cupcake.  For my birthday, my friend got me this for my journey.


When I got this I said, “I could do 500 days of cupcakes.”  That seemed a bit excessive, not to mention would be a huge contribution to America’s increasing obesity rates.  Then I thought 500 weeks of cupcakes. Let’s think about this, that would be a decade of a different cupcake each week.  Food for thought, or should I say cupcake for thought. 


This weekend was my stella + dot party.  It was so good to get some of the girls together.  The night before was quesos and margaritas with one of my faves. We chatted and caught up and talked about boys.  Just like a time with your favorite girl should be.  Then it was off to the store to find the essentials for buttercream icing and a good 6 pack.  St. Paulis beer was not the ideal six pack.  It tasted like butt.  The end.  But it did have a good metal label.  The next day was our attempt to ice the perfect cupcake, I think we succeeded.   We drank wine and ate some cupcakes and played dress up with jewelry.  It was fun.  This are just two of the goodies(the bracelets) I took home, well, besides the extra 10 pounds in my thighs from the butter cream icing. 


For those curious, the two lovely ladies in the picture are my mom and her mother from my mother’s college days.  They were lovely ladies!  The bracelets:  I love the extra little bling of the one rhinestone encrusted ball.  Just a little icing on the cupcake if you will.

So it was a good weekend.  I came on home last night to get back to my dogs.  The dogs were very happy to have some human contact besides the dear friend that came and fed them and let them out of there lil’ house for an hour at a time, and then Sunday, a nice rainy sunday.  It was a good rain.  A rain that washed the week away and set the stage for an amazing week to come.  A rain that also attacked me while attempting to mow the lawn.  So instead of being productive, I went to the bookstore only to find out they do not sell “Swimming Naked with Jellyfish”  by Shelley Gilbert. Tear.  Then to Gap, Target, and the pharmacy.  Good times!  Now on with the amazing week to come. 

Wishing you a lifetime of paper rainbows and smooth peanut butter…W


One response to “(cupcake subject)

  1. One does not buy St. Pauli Girl for the taste but for the exquisite rack. Just a little tip.

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