(quick subject)

Okay so I have been out of town for the past day or two. And before that preparing to go out of town.

Tonight: I was just relaxing on the couch and I was watching “Sex and the City: the Movie.” There were two things that stood out:
1. Carrie and Miranda are talking about Miranda going back to Steve after he cheated. Carrie asks what she was going to do and Miranda replies saying she has a lot of “thinking” to do. It was the next quip that got me. Carrie says, “You mean a lot of feeling.” Explaining that she is a lawyer, she can argue both sides, but what is she feeling? This is a decision that has to be made on emotion. — I guess I can relate.
2. “Why is it that we are willing to write our own vows, but not our own rules.” I want to rewrite the rules…


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