(virtual shopping subject)

Okay so I am pretty much broke right this very moment.   This is okay.  I have high hopes for myself.  Yay.  I have this clothing problem…I have a lot of clothes that I never wear, that I don’t even like.  So in the next year I plan on transforming my wardrobe.  I make it no secret that I love gray…I love the gray of men’s suits, the tailored look, so I love this dress!

br-wool sheath dress

It’s gray! I love love love the geometric sleeves.  (banana republic)

On another note, I have had this draw to motorcycle jackets.  It never gets really cold here in NOLA but none the less I think I have found the one I love, and the one that I NEED!

revolution jacket-mod cloth

Okay so this is so completely opposite from the dress, but I love it.  Paris found it for me and I agree, it was made for me.  I want this jacket and I want this waist!  (via-mod cloth)

Anywho, so two lil’ items I really want hanging in my closet and more importantly hanging on me!  A girl can dream of shopping trips right? 

lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the virtual shopper spending no money


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