Re: Half full or Half empty, They’ll still charge you for a refill

Part 1:

This entry is a bit different, hence the name.  My dear friend, Dr. Snarky, wrote a blog, generally speaking, it stated that one should keep a slightly pessimistic attitude as you will have fewer dissapointments in life.

 The eternal idealist in me says, “It all is great, you just have to know how to look at it,” and, therefore, strongly disagreeing with Dr. Snarky.  It took me a while to create a response.  It was not because I didn’t know what I wanted to say, but more that I have not had a chance to write this blog.  Not to mention, Dr. Snarky is very well composed and gets from A to B with a straight line, where as I go zig zag.  I had to edit my 10 word to 4 (That is some journalism 101 for you. Yep my semester major taught me something.)  My argument was supported or thought about in two random events in the past week:

I went on vacation and refreshed my mind, only to come home and have a rash. I can only assume it was a result of the sun or something beach related, as it was not there before. I have attempted to be a grand cupcake maker, only to be half successuful. This is the thing though.  I was not and am not dissapointed.  I was not dissapointed when the cupcakes fell apart as I iced them.  I was not disappointed when my nice tan turned into an itchy, uncomfortable rash.  I am not disappointed, because I understand that the vacation was worth it and the cupcakes were still great and caused mondo laughs. You see, I get where you are coming from Dr. Snarky, but to say that being slightly pesimistic leads to fewer disappointments is just nutty.  Disappointment is a state of mind.  I think that the very attitude of expecting nothing can lead to not experiencing more amazingness. 

My point is, when I put on my pretty panties, I feel pretty, even if no one gets to see those pretty panties. Those pretty panties give me a sense of confidence.  When I work out, even if just for a day, the next day I feel in shape, knowing that one workout didn’t build an ounce of muscle or lose a pound of fat, I feel amazing.  When I go into a party and expect it to be boring, it is boring. When I go to the same party a week later, and say, “This is going to be so much fun! I am the party!” The party is turns out to be great.  Outcomes, Life, Luck is usually controlled by our attitude, I chose to take the slightly optimistic attitude. I would rather have some disappointment that I can learn from, than miss out on the fun because I had expectations of “ho-hum-ness.”   

Did that make any sense? Did I talk in circles?  Probably, but just smile more than you frown, you will find you have more to smile about.

Part 2:

Disappointments:  the biggest disappointments in my life have forced me to look at the girl in the mirror.  I have not really figured out who that girl is at the core, but the very contemplation of who I am has inspired parts of my soul to come alive.  So I have to be happy for my disappointments.  I needed them.  They provide inspiration and a new creation.  That is more than I had yesterday.  So this bittie art is the beginning to a series.  Who is artichoke?   


Lifetimes of paper rainbows…W the Girl


One response to “Re: Half full or Half empty, They’ll still charge you for a refill

  1. A good point. Truly, this is merely an issue of personal preferences: chocolate v. vanilla, boxers v. briefs, etc. But to put a finer point on my outlook, I do not spend my days in moping disappointment. Rather I’m must prepared to be underwhelmed. It’s kind of like the Boy Scout motto: “Always be prepared,” except this is about dealing with jackassery than about having a pocket knife on hand.

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