(vacation subject)

Okay so I am sitting out on my balcony looking at sailboats pass by in the gulf. The water literally fades from teh deepest(not darkest) indigo/blue to a rich green, that when the sun hits the sailboats in the perfect direction there is a contrasted shadow on the water of deep purple.  Not to mention, from my 6th floor balcony the water is so clear that I can see the feet of the the people standing tossing the football. 

I had to describe it, as my camera is out of battery.  tear. 

On another note, my birthday need not come around again for a year.  Hopefully that year I will be wiser and not mix my don Julio, margaritas, and gatorjuice(?).  Bad, bad, idea.  I am a smart girl, but in my decision making skills of Saturday I was a dumb dumb girl that became a very irrational girl. I paid a hefty price the next day in the drive over here. 

Today, beach, journals, hopefully pictures, maybe a sandcastle, and napping in the sun.  Can I get an AMEN from the congregation.  This trip is exactly what I need to get my head back on straight. 

Paper rainbows…W


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