(Flo-rida subject)

1.  Not a big fan of Flo-rida, but I do have a fondness for someone that is clever with their name.  Like Will-I-Am. None the less, I am sitting on the balconywishing I had brought my camera chord so I could share some pics of us at the marina, and my toes in the sand.  I needed this vacation, i needed even more, to keep working out and not let my belly become my permanant inner tube before I came.  😉  None the less I still got lots of work to do. I have to check on high school reunion stuff, figure out what I need to get for the Stella and Dot party I am throwing.  etc. etc. 

2.  I have finished for the second time Chelsea Handler’s “My Horizontal Life.”  So funny.  She cracks me up with her tales of almost  lovelust.  I chose to never live my life that way, but I am entertained by those that have. I love this line at the end the most, “If I continue down this path, the only men I was going to meet were guys like me, I definitely don’t want to end up with someone like me.”  or “I felt like maybe it was time to grow up and I was not happy about it.”

3.  Tomorrow I will finish Eat, Pray, Love.  I purposely chose to finish this last, as I knew what Ms. Handler had in store for me and I would need that filthhumor washed away.  Truth be told, I love Ms. Handler. I love her cleverness.  I aspire to Ms. Gilbert’s, author of Eat, Pray, Love, ability to humble herself to a degree of pure self-awareness.  I figure, aspirations above pure unadulterated joy would be the more reasonable and responsible way to end a cleansing trip to the gulf. 

4.  Here is my image of destin to share with you.  All the “S” I love of Summer vacation.  When I can pull pictures from Arizona, my camera(for the millionth time, yes I named her, she likes it) I will have them up and ready on flickr or somewhere.  Till then, this is all you get.

destin copy

Lifetimes of paper rainbows…W on vacay


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