(tangled subject)

Okay so I am on a roll with these politically charged images.  Another Paris prompt, “Tangled up in Blue.”  I thought about the recent election.  I thought about my political standings now.  With hesitation this is what I believe:  I believe in putting people back in jobs before universal health care.  I believe in a women’s right to her own body. I believe that one of our countries biggest problems is illegal immigration. I believe in myself. I believe in my friends. I believe art is the best therapy. I believe that at some point we are all A.D.D.  I believe that a college education costs way too much. I believe in the single mom. I believe in the single dad. I believe in the humanitarian. I believe in God.  I believe that words can break bones.  I believe in competition. I believe that everyone is not a winner.  I believe that losing builds character as does rejection.  I believe that I am overwhelmed by all that is going on in this world. I believe in peace in the middle east as well as New Orleans east. I believe in world peace.  I believe in the power of one. I believe that the love of a dog is one of a kind. I believe in childhood. I believe in our teachers. With that said…

tangled up in blue

I am tangled up in these one a days.  I am tangled up in to-do lists. I am tangled up in our media. I am tangled up in tweets. I am tangled up in my dwindling bank account(okay maybe I know how to get out of that one). I am tangled up reality television. I am tangled up in picking a nail polish color. I am tangled up in bail outs. I am tangled up in democracy.  I am tangled up in my desire to do.  I am tangled up in my own thougts. I am tangled up in blue. 

I could not imagine a more perfect place to live at 27. 

Wishing you a lifetime of paper rainbows…W the citizen


4 responses to “(tangled subject)

  1. Hmm. My job never cured my pneaumonia, but one time I did have to miss work for my pneaumonia.

    …I am lodging a formal protest. [grabs sign and begins marching in a circle while chanting obnoxiously]

  2. My doctor has never put food on my table. Nor did he pay for the school uniforms and books I had to purchase when I attended public schools. If I had a choice I chose job over healthcare. We need to put people back in their jobs and careers, of which often provide healthcare…I know crazy!

  3. Not sure I’d go with “often” in that context. Adequate health coverage is less and less a part of most benefits packages….which many blue color workers in non-union shops don’t even get.

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