(think subject)

So another Paris prompt. I don’t think she knew I would get so politically charged with these.  I don’t think I knew, but Flobots…one of my favorites.  I have been listening to a lot of Flobots, Cake, and Sublime.  I have also been reading a lot of CNN, and trying to educate myself on the going on’s of our democracy and how people feel about it. The Flobots + Political Convo equals the following art.


This “Peace” of Art, I have realized can be interpreted several different ways. I am interested to hear how you interpret it.  Tomorrow I am promising myself to sit down and talk about all that i have going on!  YAY!  Not to mention more bittie art!  Till then: Paper rainbows…W the deep thinker

PS…click on the image.


One response to “(think subject)

  1. I LOVE this one… I really do. And I love the fact that you “you’re welcome-d” me before I thanked you! HA HA
    Now keep on a-truckin’… only a couple more to go. 😉

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