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I have mondo thoughts on my mind. I need a place to jot them down. A give away notebook from life is BANANAS(a blog that I ran across a while back that has quickly become a great paper rainbow on the internet) would be quite handy right now. 😉 None the less topics to talk about:

1. Paris’s prompts and the art it has become- Peace of Art. Paris where as it has Not been completed as quickly as I and probably you had hoped, it has spawned quite the ARTventure.

2. Media bias, specifically, Why I wanted to be a journalist like my father.

3. The great debate: Optimism vs. Pessimism. Response to Working Title.

Today I shall go purchase a journal and never let it leave my purse. 🙂


One response to “(subject subject)

  1. If you write in a journal… how will I be stalkerish and read it? haha
    I say “nay” to the journal in your purse! Online only. 🙂

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