(birthday subject)

Okay so no long post today, even though I have mucho to say.  I had a great great birthday!  Thank you so much for all the warm wishes.  I am truly a blessed lil’ girl.  I had lunch with everyone at work.  I got a great present from SnoPea.  My mom had a cake made.  My lil’ bro came in. My lil’ gray dog painted a card all by herself with paw prints. (how i would have paid to see my mom and brother paint Maggie’s paws.) Amazing dinner of stuffed eggplant with crab meat and artichoke hearts.  Then of course some homemade cake and horseplay with my brother! Cam and I have even planned a road trip to his power-lifting meet.  Yay.  Go us!

Lifetimes of paper rainbows…W


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