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So depending on when you are reading this, it is my birthday either in 1 hour or Today.  This is assuming that you flock to my site as soon as you get up in the morning or just before you go to bed.  None the less, let me talk a bit about my year. 

My best gal and I started 27 off with massages at the Houstonian, then she left, I was well, detained.  I quit my job that I loved, and left two of the most incredible co-workers imaginable to move back to my home state.  It was a leap of faith that didn’t seem like such a leap at the time. Through the year, I have laughed a lot.  Cried minimally.  Made amazing new friends.  Walked away reluctantly from old friends and flames. Found a new found love for all things in 15 mega-pixels and documenting every moment of my life. I have rekindled a flame inside my heart for myself.  Aside from our relationship with God, I think the relationship we have with ourselves is most important.  I have found a new found adoration for my mother.  I have found a balance of sister and friend in my brother. I have dated.  I have walked away from the unhealthy.  I have put my heart on the line, and said exactly what was on my mind as it came to mind.  For that reason, I have gotten rid of toxic and likewise almost lost my best friends.  There is a balance of boldness that I have not mastered.  But with that said.  My friends, smile.  They understand, and my real friends never hold the past over my head, they only remind me not to repeat it or they are cutting off my supply of cupcakes and cheap wine!  26 was my year of R-and-R.  A much needed  year of R-and-R.  27…at 27 I will make a list.  Lists have worked well for me at 26.  My list has 27 things on it.  I now share it with you. Hold me accountable.  This year is not about life decisions, it is about finding my soul.  It is about doing all the little things there is never enough time for.  This year, is about 27 bullet points. 27 things to cross off.  27 things, I want and need to do, because I am me.  This list is me.  I hope you enjoy reading and seeing the pictorial documentation as I plan on crossing things off and completing this to-do list! 

27 @ 27

“hey baby why don’t we go where the movies are silent and life is as big as a stage!”

Wishing you a lifetime of paper rainbows and smooth peanut butter…W the girl who turns 27


2 responses to “(27 subject)

  1. 27 was the wildest year of my life! Moving to Denver, moving to Savannah, moving back to Missouri.
    I crossed everything off of my list that year, too!
    Happy Birthday, Layla! I hope it’s a fabulous year for you.

  2. Here’s your birthday song… again! 🙂

    It’s a little something I wrote during class this morning for one of my bestest, Layla:

    Happy Birthday to you!
    Locks of Love is getting your long ‘do!
    One of your friends calls you “monkey”,
    but your BFF #2 goes to Mizzou! 😉

    Love you & hope your 27th year was as wild as mine… many, many things were crossed off my list that year! haha
    ♥ ~ PaRiS

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